Increasing Online Marketing Influence by Creating Valuable Content

Increasing Online Marketing Influence by Creating Valuable Content

Being effective in content marketing begins with the right mindset in approaching content. Whenever you see content as a “drive” or as a “marketing ploy,” that content, however, cleverly it is worded, will come through. Readers will detect the “stench” of a marketing pitch, even though you’re just assuming a content marketing strategy.

Be Useful, Be Valuable

Take your content with the frame of mind that it is a product which symbolizes and carries out your customer-driven task. Consider your leads as clients to whom you are delivering value and transform them into faithful consumers who ultimately purchase your “paid for” products. Since content is a continuing process, execute a product development process to your content, do not treat it as a campaign.

More importantly, make it your duty to alter your clients’ lives and pilot a “crusade” they would love to be a participant to. Your undertaking is articulated by your free commodities (your content), and your “paid for” products. Your undertaking goes beyond or rises above your profit motivation, though of course, you will want to make money along the way.

Provide Answers

What is the definitive rationale of a search engine? Many people would be right if they say “to deliver answers.” This is where Google excels and is perfectly great at. Type a question or a set of words into Google and you will be provided with hundreds of links, photos, and videos. When people utilize a search engine, what they eventually need is a response that can give them what they want or that can provide them enlightenment about something or lead them to what they are looking for.

Precisely the same principle when people are trying to understand a blog post, analyzing an infographic or watching a video — either they need answers or simply want to obtain knowledge. But this is not all. People do not need just answers, they want fast answers. So make your content easy to read or understand so people can easily pick up the spicy, significant bits fast.


Ponder on this — you make a write up for your firm’s blog, you know it has thousands readers. Think of what it can do to your company, to your products and to your reputation if some of the things being written in that blog turn out to be false or misleading? Always keep in mind that the blog you are making is reflects your company. If there are any problems with the blog, it affects how people see your product/service and your reputation.


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